Wireless Smart Switch Licht 433Mhz RF 86


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  • Ist Smart Gerät: no
  • Gegenwärtig: 10A
  • Material: Kunststoff
  • Eigenschaften: smart lighting switches / electrical light switches /Wall switch
  • Modellnummer: 433Mhz wireless Remote Control Smart Lighting Switch
  • Schaltertyp: Druckschalter
  • Garantie: 1 YEAR
  • Bescheinigung: CCC,ce,ROHS
  • Markenname: WenQia
  • Ursprung: CN (Herkunft)
  • Einzelteil-Art: Switch
  • Working Voltage: AC 85V-245V
  • remote distance: Up to 50m (theoretical distance)
  • Max Current: 10Amp
  • use for: Hmoe, Farm, Factory, Office, Supermarkets and so on
  • Application 1: Led Light Lamp Switch, Home Security Alarm System Home Appliances
  • Application 2: water Heater, Fan, Fish tank, Diy Home electrical equipment
  • Item type: switches
  • Switch size: 86*86
  • switch type: push button switch
  • Material: plastic
  • Shell: Yes
  • Receiving Sensitivity: 97dbm
  • Modulation Mod: ASK
  • Working temperature: -30 ~ 80

Wireless Smart Switch Light 433Mhz RF 86 Wall Panel Switch with Remote Control Mini Relay Receiver 220V Home Led Light Lamp Fan
Product list

There are various combinations in the options, which are convenient to use, please purchase according to actual needs.

Simple to use

simple wiring
Perfect small size

1:Perfect small size (Note: Package included Screw anddouble-sided tape.)
Four different installation scenarios: 
–Use double-sided tape to directly install and fix the receiver on the surface of the object;
–Use screws to fix the receiver on the surface of the object;
–Put the receiver install behind a power outlet;
–Install behind the suspended ceiling.

2:Flexible DIY control method 
–Multi switches Control One/Multi Lights Receiver in the meanwhile

3:Multiple control modes to Save electricity
–At any time, you can either use the front panel or remote control.
–Set the remote control at different locations to quickly turn on or off the lights.
–Turn the lights on in advance to avoid darkness,
–Turn off the lights after leaving, save energy.

  Product Application Area  Products can be used in homes, farms, factories, offices, laboratories, supermarkets and so on
Remote control Electric curtain Water pump Fan Lamp LED light bulb ventilation device Signal transmission
Remote control humidifiers, microwaves, coffee machines
Remote control Taking Care for the elderly, children

How to get the signal
Step 1:
Press the learning button(on the Receiver) twice. Wait for 3 seconds;
Step 2:
Press one button on the remote control. Wait for 3 seconds. Succeed.
How to clear the signal
Only one step :
Press the learning button(on the Receiver) 8 times. Wait for 3 seconds;

Relay Receiver Board Parameter  

Encoding Type: Intelligent Learning Code 1527
Modulation Mode:ASK
RF Frequency: 433MHz
Input Voltage: AC 85V~240V 
Max current:  10 Amp
Remote distance : up to 50m (theoretical distance)
Wired Connection Way: Fixed Wiring Pillar
Output Terminal: L /N
L :  Living line
N : Neutral line
Color:  White (Outside Shell)

–Screw:  Include
–double-sided tape:  Include

Wall panel Transmitter Parameter

–RF frequency : 433MHz
–Support encoding : 1527 Leaning code 
–Remote distance : up to 50m (theoretical distance)
–Battery  :  CR2032(  NO Battery include ) 
–Screw:  Include
–double-sided tape:  Include

Remote controller  Transmitter Parameter

–RF frequency : 433MHz–Support encoding : 1527 Leaning code 
–Remote distance : up to 50m (theoretical distance)
–Battery  :  23A 12V(  NO Battery include ) 
–Screw:  Include

–double-sided tape:  Include

On this product detailed page, there is a demonstration video for your reference.
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